Make May Shirania squirt without using a dick

This next game is one of the series of Mai Shiranui anime porn flash games - this particular game is about how to make Mai's vagina squirt! You can't use a penis - just thumbs and tongue... and from time to time, May's vibration game. Yes, it can be difficult to get a girl to cum with such restrictions, so you can use this game as a kind of practice. The game begins with the fact that May is already finger-fucking her vagina by some blond man, who is most likely her beau (but true fans will immediately recognize Andy Bogard!). So all you have to do is switch modes that are unique. Turn fucking movements into spinning ones, use a sex toy and slurping at any time, or just try different camera views. When you think it's time for May to cum, just press the star button in the lower right corner of the screen and she squirts!
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